What Causes Cellulite And How Can I Prevent It?


most effective cellulite treatment The precise cause of cellulite is widely unknown however….

….it appears to result from some queer interaction between the connective tissues of the dermatological layer which lies beneath the skin surface, and the layer of fats just below it.

In case of women…

thigh cream….the fat cells and the connective tissue in the layer are vertically arranged. If these fat cells protrude out into the layer of the skin, it gives birth to cellulite.

In the case of men, this tissue has a unique criss-cross structure, which explains why men are less likely to suffer from cellulite than women.

There are other factors too which might be linked to the appearance of cellulite.

Hormonal factors and age, dietary and lifestyle, genetic factors can all be possible causes of cellulite.


There are several ways to treat cellulite. The best treatment by lotion for cellulite and  creams are really useful.

  • However the treatment by methods ultrasonic lipo-sculpting, radiotherapy etc. are not scientifically confirmed.
  • Caffeine, which dehydrates cells, makes cellulites less visible. This must be applied daily.
  • Retinol may also reduce the appearance of cellulite by making the skin firm and thickening the skin.

You must use it at least 6 months to see the results. It is also significant to try a thorough patch test first, since some people have experienced the ill effects of it, like a racing heart.

You must be concerned about your cellulite but do not over stress. Hopefully this article will help you in reducing your cellulite.

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